Monday, June 3, 2013

Two years ago today...

... I had a first date. We met in front of a movie theater at 6, went in to get tickets to the 6:30 show, got ice cream at Coldstone, had our ice cream while chatting on a bench in front of the theater, then went in when it was time for the movie.

We saw Hangover II. My pick. My friend said I shouldn't watch it while out on a first date as it's too raunchy. She also said I shouldn't wear what I ended up wearing (grey skirt, pink/orange/green shirt).

Anyway, when we first spotted each other, my heart dropped a little. In his pictures he looked good, but in real life he's an all-American hottie! (Sorry babe, it had to be said.) I didn't think it would be going anywhere, what with him being out of my league and all. (We later found out he had the same exact thoughts about me.)

Watching the movie was fun! We kept sneaking glances at each other and smiling, and also chatting quietly ("Oh, speaking of getting a Mike Tyson tattoo on your face, do you have any tattoos or piercings?"). It was really nice. After the movie, we went to our cars. He said, we should do this again some time. I said, yes we should.

So. After 700 more awesome dates, we have another date this evening. We are going to dinner and then seeing Hangover III. I'm ready! I'm wearing my pink/orange/green shirt, because it's his favorite. Really looking forward to tonight! I can't wait :)

Happy Anniversary!