Friday, April 20, 2012

I ♥ Pomegranate!

When I asked if the grocery store had any pomegranates in stock, I was told they are out of season. Sad face. I didn't know there was a specific season for pomegranates. I just figured that in the summer, they come from California/Florida/whatever, and in the winter they come from the southern hemisphere... wrong!

After the tree flowers in spring, it takes about 6 months for fruits to be ready for picking! Harvesting time for California pomegranates is October to January, so just a few short months per year. (The season in the southern hemisphere is March through May.) The good news: pomegranates don't ripen after picked, so they store well for months.

Pomegranates are soo good for you! They make me feel fresh and new when I feel low. I tend to crave them after yoga or after I am naughty and have pizza or something. They pick me right up and to me that is the best evidence that they are good for me :)

So long, my tangy, sparkly, shiny friends! Hope to see you again soon!

PS: Now of course I am daydreaming about having a pomegranate tree in my backyard. Sometime, in the future...

Thursday, April 19, 2012

TT just started -- oh-oh!

Alright folks... you may or may not know that Bikram Yoga Teacher Training (BYTT Spring 2012) has just started.

I just want to wish all the trainees ALL THE BEST for the journey! I am thinking of you and rooting for you. If you are writing a blog, I truly appreciate that. Thank you for sharing!

PS: How am I ever gonna get any work done with all those TT blogs to read?! *sigh*

PS: I'll leave you with a picture of Joseph Encinia... just because he is awesome! Turns out, Joseph Encinia does not like his pictures shared on the Internets without permission... That's OK. He is still awesome, so check out THIS SHOOT!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

May I introduce: Vitamix!

We have a new friend in the kitchen... the incredible Vitamix!

I have been making Green Smoothies for a while now with a regular blender and while it worked fine, it was a little too time consuming and brought the machine to its limits blending tough greens like kale (just didn't get smooth). After borrowing a Vitamix from a friend a few weeks ago, there was no going back, so when a small windfall came my way, you guessed what I went out to buy...

Now, I haven't tried yet, but I'm pretty sure the Vitamix can blend rocks to a smooth finish. You can make ice cream/sorbet with it. It is also so powerful that I can throw in all ingredients at the same time, blend for 30 secs and the smoothie is done, where with my old blender it was: add ingredients-blend-add ingredients-blend... and so on. Another plus: it holds twice as much (64 oz = 1.9 l) as my old blender. So all in all, it saves me a ton of time AND the smoothies come out much smoother.

I've already made soup and pasta sauce with the Vitamix and it's pretty awesome since it gets even raw carrots super smooth and you can run it for a few minutes and it will even heat up your soup! (Just from the friction of the blades, mind you!)

OK, I'm officially a fan-girl now haha!

PS: Yes, this really is the view from our kitchen window... So beautiful this time of the year!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Opening Day!

Better late than never...

Thursday was Opening Day (of the baseball season, to all non-American readers) and that's kind of a holiday for me now :) I took the day off which meant I have a four day weekend. I'm using my time to dive into the yoga -- and watch baseball, of course. I've kinda missed it during the winter :)

I hope you are enjoying a long Easter weekend, too!

PS: Go Tigers!!!!!