Sunday, January 19, 2014

Moving Day

It's time to move tomorrow, and we're super pumped because we're moving into our very first house! I always thought myself to be a perpetual renter with no personal responsibility for upkeep and repairs, but I guess buying a house comes with the territory when you live in the US.

Picnic in our new kitchen after the finally getting the keys two days ago!
So here we are, packing and packing and it seems to never end. With every drawer emptied and box filled, we are growing more frustrated with how much stuff accumulated over the last couple of years since we first moved in together. I moved across the ocean with no furniture and all of eight boxes to my name, for heaven's sake, and that was only three short years ago! How did this happen?! ... Sigh, let's hope this will be a lesson for us to be even more careful than we already are with acquiring stuff in the future.
OK, it's back to the boxes for me, and I will leave you with the floor plans to our new house. What you can't see is the large, fenced in back yard. Perfect for a little puppy (eventually in the future)!

Ground floor