Friday, September 23, 2011


Yeah, so about that 30 Day Challenge... it didn't happen. It turned into a 7 Day Challenge instead.

Benefits from only seven consecutive days of Bikram Yoga:
- more strength (Yay, finally progress in Balancing Stick!)
- back bends are getting... back bendier (Hurray, Half Moon and Camel!)
- forward folds are getting... forward foldier (Wow, whole new perspective on Stretching Pose!)
- ...?

I'm sure there was more, but I cannot remember right now. After my vacation I quickly gave up the romantic idea of making yoga a major priority right now. A stressful work project had (still has) me traveling through metro Detroit and working 10 hour days, day after day. after day. after day. after day... I realized, putting the additional pressure of a challenge on myself was stressing me out and making me anxious.

Alas, this was not the time for a 30 Day Challenge. My challenge is making it to yoga 2-4 a week and that is OK for now.


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