Tuesday, June 12, 2012


So. I am still here, but don't feel like posting much.

Life is going well: BF and I have celebrated our one year anniversary, we have a couple of exciting trips planned (Germany, California), I'm still working diligently on regularly practicing Bikram yoga.

With working so much and commuting it is still hard to maintain my practice. It takes sacrifice (getting up at 4:45 am, anyone?) and planning. Practicing at two different studios has been kind of sucky. I don't feel connected to the community at any of the two anymore. As if that wasn't sad enough, I recently got viciously verbally attacked by a "yogini" (using that term loosely here) in the changing room. She is a regular at the studio. Although the other yogis and yoginis who witnessed it were very very sweet and caring towards me, I am still left with a sad heart and not feeling like the yoga studio is a safe place anymore. I think I have let it go and I am not taking it personally (I know SHE was unloading HER issues on me with absolutely no reciprocation from my side), but the sadness remains. I have lost a safe haven. Disturbing and upsetting.

BUT it's all good in the hood. Seriously. Having a safe haven (especially outside your home) is a luxury, so it's all good. I am a lucky girl to have a wonderful home with my BF, full of sunshine, lots of laughter, and tons of love. Life is good!


  1. Wie's der Zufall will, war heute das hier auf meiner Wall https://www.facebook.com/#!/BikramYogaholic

  2. Even the safest port sees a storm from time to time. If she is a regular, I would hope she pulls you aside soon and apologizes. Otherwise, glad to hear you are well!! Peace.