Monday, May 2, 2011

My poor car...

This was in the tank of my beloved Jetta... no wonder it had to be towed AGAIN!!!

Thank you, dear gas station :(( It cost me 680 bucks to fix and you better pay for this!!!!!


  1. They sold you water?!?!

    You're kidding - right?

  2. Onanymous, I wish I were kidding, because this has been quite an expensive experience. The gas station had water inside their underground gas tank (gasoline AND water, to be clear).

    Apparently this happens sometimes when the underground gas tank isn't properly sealed and there is heavy rain. The gas station said there had been a damage to the gas tank that they weren't aware of... until the first person called a day later and told them about their car stopping. So there are possibly hundreds of people who pumped gas from that same tank before they realized.

  3. Actually, I find that rather good news. I was afraid they'd just say: "What? Water in your tank? Don't be ridiculous, we don't sell water. Ask your neighbor's kid why there's water in your car. Ah, and by the way, buy a Ford" :-)

  4. Haha, you're right! Now I just hope that the gas station's insurance will cover all my costs. I won't believe it until I have the money in my account. (I'm a little scared that everybody else's bill will be 300 bucks and mine was 700 because it's not a Ford :-/ We'll see...)

  5. Pff, buy a Ford ...