Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Recommitting to Bikram Yoga: a Recap

Two and a half months ago I made the decision to concentrate on my yoga and practice as often as possible, preferably every day for two months. Well, daily practice for two months didn't quite happen, but I still did very well... in numbers:

end of Feb 2011:   8 classes
March         2011: 30 classes
April            2011: 18 classes
                              56 classes

I am very happy with the turn out! One thing I have realized though: it was - in a way - easier to go "every day" as opposed to "as often as possible". When I was going "as often as possible" (in April), I had to decide if I'm going to go each day. So every day, there was a struggle, a decision to be made...

Anyway, I would love to do another official challenge (or two, or three) where I would actually go every day. However, I don't feel like my work load allows this right now. Oh well, until then, I will have to go "as often as possible" :)

PS: For official recaps of my "30 Day Challenge", click on the label Bikram Yoga Challenge below this post.

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