Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Plymouth Segway Rental :)

I did something really cool last Saturday. I finally got to ride a Segway and oh man, was it fun! I am totally going to do this again!!

The place we rented the Segways, Plymouth Segway Rental, offers 1-hour tours of the park by Plymouth. Our guide was fantastic and the area is really nice. We got lucky with the weather: it was cold, but sunny. Did you know you can ride through shallow puddles, gravel, grass, and uneven terrain? I didn't! I thought we'd be staying on paved roads, but these Segways can definitely handle rougher ground. Fun! Try it when you get a chance!


  1. neinneinneinnein, ich bin gaaaaaa nich neidisch!

  2. :) Deine Urlaubsshots auf fb sehen auch super aus! :)