Friday, October 14, 2011

This is how I roll

I've mentioned it a couple of times... work is kinda crazy at the moment. I don't know when I have to work the next day and where. I'm just kind of on stand-by and the 60-hr week last week didn't help either... blah.

Anyway, this is the result of my vagabond lifestyle...

Why yes, I do have a laptop, a case of water bottles, an oscilloscope, yoga clothes and yoga towel, random food items, dress shoes, and more electronic measuring equipment in my trunk. Doesn't everybody?

Two yoga mats and yoga clothes drying on my improvised drying rack. When I go to yoga and then
straight to a customer, I hang up my wet, sweaty clothes on the hangers... not ideal, but better than having them rot in a bag in my car for 10 hours.

Yep, just trying to make it work...

PS: I'm trying my new blogging app for the first time. Hope this post doesn't look wonky.


  1. was immer wonky ist, alles sieht gut aus. bloß wenn ich das foto anklicke um es zu vergrößern, dann kommt "Seite nicht gefunden". das war vorher besser. mach mal pause!

  2. Hallo Eva! Danke fuer den Kommentar. Hmm, ich kann die Photos oeffnen. Da muss ich mich nochmal in die Zugriffsrechte reinfuchsen.

    Viele liebe Gruesse!

  3. I got the picture fixed, yay!