Thursday, April 19, 2012

TT just started -- oh-oh!

Alright folks... you may or may not know that Bikram Yoga Teacher Training (BYTT Spring 2012) has just started.

I just want to wish all the trainees ALL THE BEST for the journey! I am thinking of you and rooting for you. If you are writing a blog, I truly appreciate that. Thank you for sharing!

PS: How am I ever gonna get any work done with all those TT blogs to read?! *sigh*

PS: I'll leave you with a picture of Joseph Encinia... just because he is awesome! Turns out, Joseph Encinia does not like his pictures shared on the Internets without permission... That's OK. He is still awesome, so check out THIS SHOOT!


  1. Which blogs are you reading? Hard to find so far aside from a few... Peace.

  2. Hi Mark! Nice to "see" you! I've discovered: which is Jacob from

    Bloggers, if you want me to remove you from this list, leave a comment and let me know! I will take it down as soon possible.

    Happy reading, Mark! Take care!

  3. Hi Simm, thanks for joining my blog even though I'm not at bktt. lol...I'm soooo far from it. BUt I'm following some of the same blogs you are. Thanks for listing them as I'm really enjoying living vicariously through them.

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