Friday, August 3, 2012

CSA for August

Yesterday we picked up the first of our weekly shares from a local farm. We are so excited! We have planned meals around most of the fresh veggies already.

So CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and we are trying it for the first time this August. I'm already liking it! After getting back from the farm (yes, the same farm where this stuff was grown) we made a little impromptu stir fry.

All ingredients were from our share (except for spices and olive oil). It tasted SO PHENOMENAL! Fresh and fruity and flavorful... so THIS is what real food tastes like ;) Yumm yumm!

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  1. This is soo cool. I often think I should try this but it's more than I can handle for now. Thanks for all your sweet and encouraging comments on my blog. Yes, thank god I have a car again. That was definitely havoc for a few days that's for sure.