Tuesday, February 22, 2011


No pic today because I am at home sick and I don't know how to post a pic from my phone... Remember, still no Internet at my house. Anyway, in my last post I told you about my commitment to practice Bikram yoga daily in the next two months. Now, this time frame wasn't randomly picked by me. Bikram (the guy) promises everybody who practices daily for 60 days a new body. Yes, everyone! (Quote: You're never too old, you're never too sick, to start from scratch once again.) So... A new body in 60 days... Sounds like magic? Not really. Bikram yoga classes are extremely challenging. Even people who are in great shape will be challenged immensely. But there are amazing rewards if you practice regularly. There are thousands of people who are living examples of it. Check out this story: Student of the Month. It is amazing, and it is not the exeption! Bonnie went from obese with high blood pressure, diabetes and high
cholesterol, to healthy, trim, and full of energy. All with the help of Bikram! Ok, of course this didn't happen in 60 days, but a 30 day challenge (30 days of daily practice) jumpstarted her progress.

Anyway, this post wasn't even supposed to get this long. Because of Bikram's promise of getting a new body with daily practice, most Bikram yoga studios organize 30 or 60 day challenges where participants challenge themselves to practice daily. And I just wanted to say: apparently the universe knew I was going to start this private 60 day challenge, and didn't want me to have to do it by myself. My studio will start a 30 day challenge soon and I've already signed up for it :) Yay!!!

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