Friday, March 25, 2011

Bikram Yoga Challenge: 20 day recap

The 20 day recap is a over-due, but I haven't really seen any major changes compared to when I did the 10 day recap. I will still do a quick recap and I will use the same categories as before.

Food cravings:
  • Water is really all I drink throughout the day, so I have stopped drinking filtered water and only drink specific brands of spring water now. I crave it and I truly believe that it means, it's what's best for me. No matter how expensive. I prefer Dasani and S. Pellegrino. I have also tried electrolyte water (smartwater), but I don't think there is a difference to Dasani (which also has added electrolytes).
  • I don't crave salt as much anymore. It might be because I've switched to good water though.
  • Generally, I think my body has gotten used to this new activity level, so I am not as crazy for protein anymore. (Am I not building as much muscle anymore?)

Energy and Sleep:
I'm not as exhausted anymore, but I doubt that it has anything to do with improvement due the yoga. I am working a little less, so I am less stressed and I have made it a point to get to bed earlier. Many people report needing less sleep with this yoga. I have experienced it when I was practicing 4 times a week, but with my 7 times... no such luck. It really is quite a challenge to work full-time and do a Bikram yoga challenge.

  • still super-soft skin
  • almost no sore muscles, did have sore muscles after my double last Sunday though :)
  • generally stronger! And I definitely see more definition, too! Helloooo, abs :)
  • no more knee pain, lower back pain is getting better, too.
no changes... I do feel more calm and relaxed, but it is probably due to less work (read: travel time) rather than the yoga. To clarify: I do feel waaaay more calm now as opposed to when I wasn't practicing Bikram yoga at all. There just hasn't been that much of a difference between 4x compared to 7x a week.

  • my balance is getting better, yeah!!! So those postures, where I balance on one leg for a minute at a time while doing funky stuff with the other leg, are getting MUCH better! (Standing Head to Knee Standing Bow)
  • Getting even stronger, so Balancing Stick is more manageable (but still a toughie for me!)
  • Also because I am getting stronger, I can concentrate more on better alignment, for example putting the same amount of pressure on both legs in Awkward pose.
Still considering doing a 60 day challenge, but I have pretty much decided that I will go with my own rules... as I have mentioned about a month ago (when I didn't even know about the official challenge at my studio). My rule will be that I get one or two days off per week (haven't decided yet if one or two). My reason is that I don't really see much of a difference between practicing 6 as opposed to 7 days a week. It does put me under a lot of pressure though and I would welcome a day off so that I can catch up on sleep and the piles of yoga laundry. I think 6 days per week is still challenging, but it might mean much less stress for me, so I think it's the right thing to do. It is supposed to challenge me after all and not destroy me. I do have to work on the side, you know ;)

Namaste :)

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