Thursday, March 24, 2011

PostSecret Event

Yesterday I went to the PostSecret Event in Toledo, Ohio. PostSecret is a group art project started by Frank Warren (who spoke yesterday at the event).

Frank Warren describes himself as a "collector of secrets". And he has collected a lot of them... He told us yesterday that these are about half of the postcards he has received since he started this project.

He started the project in 2005 when he invited strangers to write a secret on one side of a postcard and mail it to him. Since then, he has been posting 10-20 secrets on his PostSecret blog every Sunday. The secrets range from funny to sad, shocking, unbelievable, (thought-)provoking, and everything in-between. For me, reading PostSecret is so much more than entertainment; it is proof that you cannot see the what's going on in a person's head. If you follow PostSecret for a while, you are bound to read YOUR secret at one point... it is ian amazing feeling to suddenly realize... you are not alone with your secret. You might find that it doesn't separate you from the world, it CONNECTS you to other people.

During the years of working on this project, Frank started working more and more in suicide prevention. He even got trained in suicide prevention counseling and worked/works on the Hopeline suicide prevention hotline! At the event yesterday, Frank gave the audience the chance to share their secret live over the microphone. I was shocked to see that most of the secrets shared were about suicide thoughts and suicide attempts. If statistics don't impress you (around 90 suicides per day, only in the USA), this event might have (yes, you too know a person who has suicide thoughts).

Anyway, I think PostSecret is not just about suicide, but generally about connecting people. I want to thank Frank for connecting millions of people with this project. I believe he is giving so many people hope... every day... So, thank you!

Lastly I want to say, if you ever get a chance to see Frank Warren speak, Go Go Go! This is Frank yesterday, talking about and showing us a postcard he received:

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