Sunday, March 6, 2011

Most important addition to my kitchen, or: Hummus from scratch

 I looove hummus, but of course not the store-bought kind. With all the yoga I've been doing (day 6 of my first Bikram yoga challenge!), I've been craving my famous Simmm-style hummus ;) I finally bought an immersion blender today, so let the hummus-making begin!

Finally! I've missed it in the last couple of months... the store-bought just tastes funny to me. (Arent't those little whole-wheat pitas cute?)


  1. I think I prefer the italian dish over Hummus :-)

  2. Uli, we need to talk.

    Just kidding of course! I love hummus, but I love grilled salmon as well... both are just incredibly yummy and so good for you, too! (Hummus is made from chickpeas, which are a great source of non-animal protein. And salmon... hmmm, yummy omega-3, of course!)

    Eva, so glad I got you on my side ;) You cannot imagine how happy I was yesterday to have MY OWN hummus again and not the yucky store-bought!