Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Driver's license and -- yeah!!! -- two more boxes

I spent my lunch hour at the Secretary of State to get a new Michigan driver's license. After a lot of back and forth (bureaucracy is the same in every country, I guess) I was issued a temporary one and my new one should arrive soon... Yay!

Aaaaand, two more boxes arrived today!!!!!! 5 down, 3 to go!

One of them was really beat up and had this notice from the postal service, telling me they had to repack, because the package was falling apart... When I read that, I hoped everything would still be in there...

Then I found this in the package.

What it is?

I don't know! It doesn't belong to me! *scratching head* .... but.... ummm.... thank you... I guess?

I was very, very glad to find my yellow fleece blanket in the package! I have been freezing like crazy in my bedroom. My apartment does get warm, but the bedroom is very cold and I've had to turn the heat up more than I liked to so I don't freeze to death in my sleep. So yes!!! Blanket!!! <3


  1. It is amazing how damaged your parcels look. Very discouraging for any future shipment attempt.
    I like the way you apply red hearts to everything.
    Thanks for keeping us informed about your life :-)

  2. Eh! My Tent poleeees!


    Otto-Wels-Straße 7
    33106 Deutschländ


  3. Uli, to be fair: my boxes were regular moving boxes and old ones, too! So they're not really ideal for shipping. I though I had taped them up pretty good though. Glad you like my blog! Makes me happy <3

    Tentboogie, ooooh noooo, so you have to sleep outside now without a TENT??? :( *ich drück dich warm* :)