Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Stippgrütze (shown here with sauerkraut and potatoes) is a typical meal for Westphalia, the region in which I was born. Today was actually the first time I ate it. Wikipedia says, Stippgrütze is "barley groats cooked in sausage juices (Wurstbrühe), which are enriched with pieces of meat, offal, such as heart, kidney or liver and seasoned with spices and salt". Errrrrr, I  think I didn't need to know all the details :-/

And to stay with the theme of Westphalian foods, I had a Wacholder with my grandma, too: Wacholder is a juniper schnapps and is also typical for the Westphalian region. Prost!

Edit: Apparently "scrapple" is the English/American word for Stippgrütze. Thank you to my friend who pointed it out!


  1. Hmmmm lecker, schmeckt gut!
    Gruß Pe

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